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“One of my favourite T-Bone Walker tracks is ‘Vida Lee’, so naturally I chose that to kick off my listening. What the VIDA MkII somehow extracted from this track – which I used to play repeatedly when my blues library consisted of a mere dozen LPs – was plump, rich, honking sax which was enough to distract me from the sound of his big hollow-bodied Gibson. It wasn’t just the fast runs which signified Walker’s playing – the way he strummed those chords produced a sound complex enough to keep wordsmiths reaching for the thesaurus. Resonance, air, some rattles… any Gibson aficionado would be able to tell you which ES-model he was playing.”

“With Carole King’s ‘I Feel The Earth Move’ and the change in tempo, the nature of the piano bordered on pounding rock ‘n’ roll, harder hitting than Fats’ track. Here the VIDA MkII produced transient attack and crisp edges which counter-balanced the possibly-too-warm overall nature.”

“With Little Feat’s ‘Willin” from Sailin’ Shoes [Mobile Fidelity MFSL 1-307], the VIDA MkII had no difficulty separating the myriad layers of sound, subtle little licks from acoustic guitars, pedal steel far right, dry percussion, and those harmonies on the line ‘Weeds, whites and wine’. You’re gonna fight hard not to shed a tear about the loss of Lowell George.”

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