Thank you Richard for the report on the Sky Audio/Divini Audio room during the HiEnd Asia 2023 exhibition.

“Steve and I shared many things in common, from our taste in sonic characteristics to our love of product that uses “wood,” to the choice of music to play to shows, all of which can be summarized in two words: Natural Sound.

You may call it subjective bias or personal preference. Both of us tend to be drawn into a sound that is more natural, warm, tube-like, rounded, and relaxed as opposed to accurate, vivid, analytical, fast, sharp-focused, and “solid-state” type of sound. This year at HiEnd Asia 2023, Steve brought in a pair of Coherent Audio’s “The Eighteen” speakers from Canada, made by my friend Frank Fazzalari, CEO of Coherent Audio. Frank once made an audio rack for my system, which I greatly appreciated.”

“I was also drawn to the Aurorasound VIDA Mk II Phono Stage at HiEnd Asia 2023. This $5,000 USD LCR-type solid-state phono stage has 65 dB of gain for MC cartridges and is a two-box unit with an outboard power supply.

The Aurorasound HSFA-01 is equally seductive at just $3,680 USD. It is an integrated hybrid EL-34-based tube amplifier with 14W per channel. It even comes with a built-in MM phono stage. Only a few amplifiers are $3,680 USD these days, translating into approx. $5,000 SGD.

Steven also brought in a stash of Divini Audio’s beautifully constructed cables to HiEnd Asia 2023. The workmanship is on par with or better than that of cables that cost many times more. The Trans-S ZN-OCC speaker cables are priced at $2,400 SGD, and the PT-Z 7N OCC Ultra power cord is priced at $1,200 SGD.”

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