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Thank you Ronildoq for the detailed and poisonous review of the 新时西电597 Passive Super-Tweeter. I would not have written a review as persuasive.

“The realism is scary good and we could feel the emotions from the singer. We took it out from speaker location and tested behind MLP, different impact. Leave on speaker location and took out behind MLP, another different impact took out both, the song becomes normal song. Put it back, wow again… the music sounds so different and pleasant. I’m really not very good at describing it. But what I can tell u is that, whoever we put it in front, vocal clarity improved a few folds with a sense of realism and you can feel his emotions. The horn at the back of MLP, improves the sound stage and creates a sense of “spaciousness” as if the back wall doesn’t exist. In his voice, with the horn placed behind MLP, the transition of sound is a lot smoother with very nice high frequencies decay… we can feel him using every ounce of breath singing at the top of his lungs…. That final oomph for the high notes until he can no longer go higher and then he grasps his breath… that decay…… 1st class man!

Then comes the layer of instruments… speed of the instruments from the ribbon tweeters in layers… wow so damn nice the quality….it doesn’t mask out the details ….”

“Some would argue that this resonator , is actually colouring the sound. Whilst I cannot disagree, I would argue that in a home set up, any speakers we are listening to is also “coloured” :sweat_smile:, but coloured to the “room sound” . Now my concept of thinking is, since the sound is already coloured, how about we “colour it in a nice way that we like”?. One has got to understand, the moment you put in the diffusors in the room, you are already colouring the sound. U put too much absorptive material, the room sounds dead. None of us are listening to music in an anechoic chamber. So I come back to the sentence, we “colour it in a nice way that we like”? that is key takeaway….”

“This takes 2022 upgrade of the year for me! It beats the AVM90 anthem upgrade and divini silver XLR cable hands down ! So much impact this HF Horn Resonator and I have to say I’m so in love :heart: With the ribbon sound from monitor audio…”

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