JF Digital MX3 Streamer Event 24 Jun 2023 Image 1
JF Digital MX3 Streamer Event 24 Jun 2023 Image 2

Date: 24 June 2023(Saturday)
Time: 1pm – 5pm
Location: 29B South Bridge Road, S058665
R.S.V.P. at +65 8023 5398

We will be holding a demo for the JF Digital MX-3 Digital Streamer.

While many of our customers are using music streamers for their convenience, they still reserve their most critical listening to traditional sources such as CD players. Despite their frequent requests for a better streamer, we could find none on the market to recommend that could meet our sound quality requirements.

Finally, our search ended last year with the JF Digital MX-3 digital streamer. During this demo, we will be demonstrating how you can use it to play music via AirPlay, hard disk or direct from the streamer’s apps. We will also be showcasing its unique features such as the touch-screen display and direct CD playback and ripping.

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