A New Generation of Stereo Lovers

I was born in 1984. It was only in 2018 that I experienced stereo for the first time, a surreal moment in which I was transported to an alternate realm at one with the composer and musicians. No music lover should have to wait three decades like I did. Hence I founded Love Sanctuary Stereo - to bring the gift of stereo to the world and nurture the next generation of stereo lovers.

I have partnered with Steve Sai of Sky Audio because he is the best. His setups transcend the usual hi-fi effects to bring out the essence in music. We bring the traditional area of stereo into the new era - marrying the best sound quality with modern connectivity options and elegance. I invite personal communications to build a stereo system that will accompany you on your lifelong music journey.

- Jason Toh, The Stereo Evangelist

The Stereo Evangelist(right) with The Happy Coach

The Stereo Evangelist Demo Systems

Whatever Your Desires

I Have The System

For You.

Compact Home Stereo System

Gateway To The World of Stereo

Divini Classical 11 floorstanding speakers black front view

Mainstream Home Stereo System

Jack of All Trades, Master of All

High-End Home Stereo System

High-End Realism, High-End Refinement

Portable Home Stereo System

Stereo Speaker Experience on Headphones/IEMs

Coming Soon...

DSP Active Speaker System

The One Speaker System To Rule Them All

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