“High-End Realism, High-End Refinement” – This is the ethos of high-end stereo. Compared to my mainstream systems, it achieves the next level in the realistic and refined reproduction of vocals, musical instruments, musical rhythms and melodies. Your music will engage you at a deeper level than ever before.

The Stereo Evangelist high-end turntable home stereo system v2 front view
The Stereo Evangelist High-End Home Stereo System
Divini Audio Reference 8 Bookshelf Speakers front view
Divini Audio Reference 8 Bookshelf Speakers

Divini Audio Reference 8 Bookshelf Speakers

The Divini Audio Reference 8 is the top bookshelf speaker model under the high-end Reference series, featuring high-end ScanSpeak drivers and a unique oval cabinet design constructed from multi-layered wood. Multi-layered wood possesses excellent stability and strength and is able to effectively absorb and disperse resonances. The oval cabinet with precision-calculated internal reinforcements is inherited from the flagship Divini Audio Illusion speakers to further mitigate the effects of vibrations and resonances. The patented suspended tweeter design reduces intermodulation distortion to below 10Hz and phase distortion to almost zero. The Reference 8 produces music that is extraordinarily detailed and rich, with clear instrument imaging and weight and a stable sound-stage.

DA&T Q-V Digital Domain Volume Converter to S/PDIF and DA&T Q-18 DAC into Power Amplifier Stereo Block

The Q-V and Q-18 features DA&T’s unique Direct Digital System(D.D.S.) technology, which is the fruit of DA&T’s research to overcome fundamental deficiencies inherent in traditional analog designs and preserve the audio signal, thereby achieving the best music realism.

Under D.D.S., the Q-V plays the role of a state-of-the-art digital volume control and digital signal processor, while the Q-18 plays the role of a dedicated digital amplifier. First, the Q-V performs precise 32-bit digital volume control with up to 100dB attenuation and 18dB gain. The Q-V also up-samples the digital signal to 32bit/352.8kHz to achieve an extreme 130dB dynamic range with low distortion. The optimised signal is then processed by the Q-18 for digital-to-analog conversion and power amplification.

By performing volume control digitally in 32-bits, D.D.S. eliminates the distortion introduced by traditional analog volume controls and typical 16-bit digital volume controls. By processing the audio signal entirely in the digital domain(from Q-V to Q-18), D.D.S eliminates the distortion due to ground interference and cross-talk and ensures coherence between the left and right analog audio signals. By integrating the DAC and power amplifier within the Q-18, D.D.S. minimises the distortion due to the analog path connecting the two components. D.D.S. preserves the integrity of the original digital audio signal from end-to-end to achieve the best music realism.

DA&T Q-V digital domain volume converter to S/PDIF front view
DA&T Q-V Digital Domain Volume Converter to S/PDIF
DA&T Q-18 DAC into power amplifier stereo block front view
DA&T Q-18 DAC into Power Amplifier Stereo Block
connected-fidelity Unity One speaker cable full view
connected-fidelity Unity One Speaker Cable

connected-fidelity Cables

The connected-fidelity power cords and speaker cables, with their “see-through transparency” quality, pushes the Divini Audio Reference 8 to define “high-end realism, high-end refinement”. All connected-fidelity cables undergo deep cryogenic treatment, a process that cold anneals the wires and conductive plug parts to reduce colouration and enhance performance. They are also hand-made in the UK by expert craftsmen and engineers who are trained to produce the finest workmanship.

ToTo Performance Rack and Sky Power Distributor

The ToTo Performance Rack and Sky Power Distributor are the result of Sky Audio’s Steve continuous research to develop the best audio accessories and the best match for the highest-end music systems.

ToTo performance rack front view
ToTo Performance Rack
Sky PT-Y power distributor top view
Sky PT-Y Power Distributor
Divini Audio Reference 18 floor-standing speakers front view
Divini Audio Reference 18 Floor-Standing Speakers

Also Consider

The Reference 18 is Divini Audio’s first floor-standing speaker under the high-end Reference series with a 3-way bass-reflex and 4 drivers design. It similarly features high-end ScanSpeak drivers and a unique oval cabinet design inherited from the flagship Illusion speakers. It is recommended if you desire better full-range performance.

Also Consider

The DA&T Q-23 is the mono-block version of the Q-18. Compared to a single Q-18, a pair of Q-23 offers higher power output up to 200w@8ohms and 380w@4ohms, independent channel processing and bi-amping.

DA&T Q-23 DAC into power amplifier mono block front view
DA&T Q-23 DAC Into Power Amplifier Mono Block

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