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The Divini Audio Reference 8 is the top bookshelf speaker model under the high-end Reference series, featuring high-end ScanSpeak drivers and a unique oval cabinet design constructed from multi-layered wood. Multi-layered wood possesses excellent stability and strength and is able to effectively absorb and disperse resonances. The oval cabinet with precision-calculated internal reinforcements is inherited from the flagship Divini Audio Illusion speakers to further mitigate the effects of vibrations and resonances. The patented suspended tweeter design reduces intermodulation distortion to below 10Hz and phase distortion to almost zero. The Reference 8 produces music that is extraordinarily detailed and rich, with clear instrument imaging and weight and a stable sound-stage.

Speaker Type: Bookshelves Two-Way Bass Reflex
Sensitivity: 88.5dB
Nominal Impedance: 4.8 ohm min
Crossover Frequency: 2.5k Hz
Frequency Response: 36-35000 Hz
Power Handling: 150W RMS ( 220 watts peak )
Dimensions(H×W×D): H*W*D = 455×234×300mm
Weight/PC: 9.4 kg

​1 x 25.4mm Ring Dome Diaphragm Patented Symmetrical Drive (SD-2) motor
Mid-Bass Unit:
1 x 7” Patented Symmetrical Drive motor design


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Divini Audio Reference 8 Bookshelf Speakers