“Jack of all trades, master of all” – The Mainstream Home Stereo System has the perfect balance of full-range music reproduction, compactness and affordability. Compared to the Compact System, the Divini Audio Classical 11 floor-standing speakers with its superior bass response, achieves a more accurate reproduction of the density, weight and body of vocals and musical instruments. The Mainstream Home Stereo System is recommended for first-time stereo lovers desiring excellent full-range music reproduction.

The Stereo Evangelist Mainstream Home Stereo System front view
The Stereo Evangelist Mainstream Home Stereo System
Divini Classical 11 floorstanding speakers black front view
Divini Audio Classical 11 Floor-Standing Speakers(Black)

Divini Audio Classical 11 Floor-Standing Speakers

The Divini Audio Classical 11 is an elegant floor-standing speaker that delivers full sound in a small footprint.

While floor-standing speakers excel in volume output, bass extension and sense of weight, they occupy a bigger footprint leading to placement inconveniences. The Classical 11 is a medium-sized floor-standing speaker retaining the superior qualities of floor-standing speakers, with a footprint similar to bookshelf speakers, and elegance to match your room decor.

The Classical 11 sports the following features for superior music reproduction:
> Slanted cabinet design to ensure phase coherence between the speaker drivers
> Precision-designed cabinet to minimise resonance
> Custom-designed crossover to minimise distortion – resistors matched to 0.01ohms, capacitors matched to 0.1uF, inductors matched to 1%.
> High-end drivers from renowned Morel(Israel) company e.g. Titanium Former series bass driver to deliver speed, energy and musicality.
> Two sets of speaker outputs to support bi-amping

DA&T K-422 DAC Bi-Amplifier

While bi-amping is necessary for the best music reproduction, its cost, size and weight has always been a deterrent to its adoption, until now. The DA&T K-422 is a versatile all-in-one stereo centre that supports bi-amping in a compact and lightweight form factor.

> Bi-Amping
The K-422 features two sets of amplifiers – a dynamic Class-A amplifier and a Class-D amplifier. While Class-A offers the best all-round distortion characteristics, Class-D offers the highest efficiency and comparable distortion characteristics in the 2kHz and below mid-bass region. By connecting the mid-bass unit to the Class-D output and the tweeter to the Class-A output, the K-422 achieves the best of both designs. Either amplifier can be selected if the speaker does not support bi-amping.

> High Resolution Digital Audio
The K-422 features an ESS 9018Pro 32-bit high resolution DAC, removing the need for an external DAC. It supports a wide range of digital formats up to 384kHz/32bit PCM, DSD256 and DOP128. The inbuilt Bluetooth module supports common and high-definition formats including AAC, SBC, MP3, aptXHD and HWA, enabling music playback directly from mobile devices.

> Ample Power
The DA&T K422 outputs 145W@8ohms and 240W@4W in Class-D, 145W@8ohms and 260W@4ohms in Class-A and is capable of supporting most speakers.

DA&T K-422 DAC Bi-amplifier front view
DA&T K-422 DAC Bi-Amplifier
Divini Audio SP-OS 3/2 Speaker Cable full view
Divini Audio SP-OS 3/2 Speaker Cable

Divini Audio SP-OS 3/2 Reference 7N OCC Speaker Cable(Two Pairs)

The Divini Audio SP-OS 3/2 is a high-end speaker cable that enables the Divini Audio Classical 11 floor-standing speakers to express its excellent full-range music reproduction ability.

First, the cable construction follows Divini’s established multi-core structure to provide clarity, transparency, extended high-frequency and bass extension, and balanced frequency response. Second, Divini Audio uses high-purity 7N OCC conductor material, with a surface area of 11AWG each for the positive and negative terminals, to minimise resistance and transmission loss. The use of OCC ensures high-density and clear imaging and stable soundstage. Third, Divini Audio uses a specially designed 24K gold-plated nickel-free pure copper banana plug to ensure a sturdy and high-transmission contact thus providing low-loss signal transmission. Last, the maple casing reduces resonances thus further ensuring the stability of the contact.

Two pairs of Divini Audio SP-OS 3/2 speaker cables are used for bi-amping to achieve the best music reproduction. In physics, every force produces an opposing reaction force. When a speaker driver is driven by electrical power, a reaction force is generated that affects the other speaker drivers, leading to higher distortion. Bi-amping enables each driver to be driven individually by separate amplifiers, thus mitigating such distortion effects and achieving higher realism.

Kojo Technology Crystal3.1 Power Distributor + Kojo Technology Crystal C1P Power Bar with Surge Absorber and Noise Filter

The Kojo Technology Crystal3.1 is a high cost-performance power distributor utilising solid Japanese engineering. It is paired with the Kojo Technology Crystal C1P with surge absorption and noise filtering functions. The combination delivers ample clean power to drive the Mainstream Home Stereo System.

Kojo Technology C1P power bar with surge absorber and noise filter connected to Kojo Technology Crystal3.1 power distributor
Kojo Technology Crystal3.1 + Kojo Technology Crystal C1P
Divini Audio Classical 13 Floor-Standing Speakers

Also Consider

The Divini Audio Classical 13 is the bigger brother of the Classical 11 and features a 2.5-way bass-reflex design and 4 drivers.

Also Consider

Use a single pair of Divini Audio SP-OS 3/2 speaker cable if you do not require bi-amping. Connect it to the Class A output of the DA&T K-422 DAC Bi-Amplifier for the best music quality.

Divini Audio SP-OS 3/2 Speaker Cable full view
Divini Audio SP-OS 3/2 Speaker Cable

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