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DA&T K-422 Integrated DAC Bi-amplifier Review

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The DA&T K422 is a superb all-in-one amplifier for your high-end audio needs. Compact, elegant, multi-functional and lightweight. Plug in your music source and you are good to go.

> Bi-Amping
The DA&T K422 includes two sets of amplifiers – a dynamic Class-A amplifier and Class-D amplifier. Class A offers the best distortion characteristics while Class D offers the highest efficiency and comparable distortion characteristics in the 2kHz and below mid-bass region. You can connect the mid-bass unit to the Class-D output and the tweeter to the Class-A output to enjoy the best of both designs. You can also decide to use only the Class-A or Class-D amplifier if your speaker does not support bi-amping.

> Adjustable Dynamic-A Gain
The performance of your music system is affected by the audio environment. Some environments may be too bright, and others too dark. When used in bi-amping mode, the DA&T K422 enables you to adjust the Dynamic-A gain(from 12x to 26.8x) to change the frequency response of your music system to match the environment and achieve coherent frequency response.

> Ample Power
The DA&T K422 outputs 145W@8ohms and 240W@4W in Class-D, 145W@8ohms and 260W@4ohms in Class-A and is capable of supporting most speakers.

> Excellent Digital Capabilities
The DA&T K422 comes with an integrated 32-bit DAC capable of 384kHz/32-bit and DoP128 digital audio when connected via coaxial inputs and 384kHz/32-bit, DSD Native 256 and DoP128 digital audio via USB.

> Excellent Connectivity
The DA&T K422 supports connections via analog, optical digital and coaxial digital inputs. It also supports hi-resolution Bluetooth to enable you to play your favourite music through mobile devices. It also supports direct analog input.

Product Specification:
Gain: dBFS=23dBW
Analog output level adjust: -87dBW~23dBW@dBFS 23dBW~41dBW
Power Output(PWM-D): 145W @ 8 ohms
180W @ 6 ohms
240W @ 4 ohms
Power Output(Dynamic A): 145W @ 8 ohms
195W @ 6 ohms
260W @ 4 ohms
Frequency response: 5~80kHz +0dB-3dB@192kHz/32bit
SNR(PWM-D / Dynamic A): >105dB / 102dB
Dynamic range(PWM-D / Dynamic A): >106dB / 110dB
THD+N(PWM-D / Dynamic A): <-85dB / -101dB
Intermodulation(PWM-D / Dynamic A): <-83dB / -95dB
Damping factor(PWM-D / Dynamic A): 80 / 500
Peak current output(PWM-D / Dynamic A): 17A / 22A
Peak voltage output(PWM-D / Dynamic A): 51V / 52V
Slew rate(class A amplifier): 65V/us
Digital input: Optical: 192kHz/32bit, DoP64
Coaxial: 384kHz/32bit, DoP128
USB: 384kHz/32bit, DSD256 Native, DoP128
Analog input: 4Vp(max)@20Hz~20kHz
Direct analog input: 2.5Vp@DC~100kHz
Hi Power analog input: 36Vp(max)@20Hz~20kHz
Dimension: W:430mm L:365mm H:130mm
Weight: 17.5kg


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DA&T K422 DAC Integrated Amplifier Bi-Amp