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Awarded The Top Rating(“Best Recommended”) by AudioArt Magazine
Awarded “2020 Best Budget Integrated Amplifier” by AudioArt Magazine

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Like DOTA2’s Tiny, the DA&T Q-15 is small in size but delivers big in features and sound quality.

>Direct Digital System(D.D.S)
D.D.S is an innovative digital technology developed by DA&T in the latest Q-series to overcome the deficiencies inherent in traditional analog designs. First, volume control is carried out fully in the digital domain under D.D.S, thus avoiding the distortion and durability problems of analog volume controls. Second, the Q-series will process input analog signals through a >100khz input filter. It will then upsample the resulting digital signals and process them at 32bit/352.8kHz to achieve an extreme 130dB dynamic range with low distortion. Third, D.D.S. prevents ground interferences and crosstalk. Last, as D.D.S. negates the need for a preamp section, the gain can be significantly lowered resulting in lower distortion and noise. D.D.S. is not just a digital volume control but a technology developed to overcome the weaknesses of analog design at the system level to deliver high fidelity audio.

>Fully Balanced Design
While a balanced design significantly reduces the effects of interference, implementing it is difficult and costly. With D.D.S., a Q-series equipment ensures that the audio signal is balanced along the full path from input to output, thus fulfilling a fully balanced design.

>Dedicated Asynchronous Sample Rate Conversion(ASRC chip) for digital input
Q-series adopts a customized ASRC chip as the core of the D.D.S. system to process all input signals. The ASRC chip and a high quality oscillator minimises jitter to 50 Picosecond and the digital signal is then fed into a 32-bit ESS Sabre32 DAC to achieve the best analog signal.

>Highly Versatile
The Q15 offers great versatility – a DAC/headphone amp/integrated amp within a small box. First, it includes an ESS Sabre32 32-bit high resolution DAC, removing the need for an external DAC. Second, it has 60w + 60w speaker outputs based on PWM(Class D) amplification and is capable of driving most mid to high-efficiency speakers. Third, it supports headphone connections via the single-ended 6.3mm headphone jack and 4 pin XLR balanced output. Fourth, the inbuilt Bluetooth module supports common and high-definition formats including AAC, SBC, MP3, aptXHD and HWA, enabling music playback from mobile devices. Last. the Q15 supports a wide range of digital signals: up to 384kHz/32bit PCM, DSD256 and DOP128 for USB input and 192kHz/24/32bit PCM and DOP64 For OPTI/COAX input.

>Quality Build and Design
While priced at the entry-level, the Q15 does not compromise on build quality. It comes with high-end features such as USB interface isolation, 384khz/32bit USB data support, independent digital and analog power supplies, polymer capacitors, and a high quality toroidal transformer. Its sound signature is detailed, balanced, neutral and dynamic.

>Intuitive Control
The Q15 is controlled by a single red rotary knob/button. Press and hold it for 2 seconds to switch the unit between on and standby modes. Press and release it to switch between inputs. Turn it clockwise to increase the volume and counterclockwise to decrease the volume.

>Loudness Compensation
The Q15 has a loudness compensation feature suited for listening at low volume levels, e.g., night time. As our ears are less sensitive to bass and treble at low volume, the loudness compensation feature boosts these frequencies enabling a fuller sound experience without the need to increase the volume.

Product Specifications:
Power Output: 2*60W(8 Ohms), 2*100W(4 Ohms)
Inputs: USB, SPDIF(Coaxial and Optical), Bluetooth, Analog
Outputs: 4-pin XLR and 6.3mm Headphone Out, 3.5mm Preamp Out(For Bi-amp and Sub), Left Speaker Out, Right Speaker Out
Digital Input Support:
USB: 384kHz/32-bit PCM, DSD Native/256, DoP128
SPDIF Coaxial: 192kHz/32-bit PCM, DoP64
SPDIF Optical: 192kHz/24-bit PCM, DoP64
Bluetooth: 96kHz/24-bit, AAC, SBC, aptX HD, HWA, MP3
Damping Factor: >110
Dimension(HxWxD): 74x225x205mm
Weight(net): 4.3kg


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DA&T Q-15 Integrated Amp/Headphone Amp/Balanced DAC/Preamp