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The 4N-OFC Kojo Technology KS-9 Clotho power cord’s sound is definitely not weak despite its size. While we found it suitable for use only on the source or preamp in our large audition room of 480+ chinese feet, its sound base is vibrant, controlled and balanced. The sound combines a relaxed character with excellent detail, separation and control, expressing the vitality of music without excessive warmth. These characteristics makes the KS-9 Clotho suitable for use with a headphone amplifier as well.

The KS-9 Clotho sound also possesses ample thickness, relaxation and tightness. When reproducing the double bass, you can hear the instrument’s groan, thickness and wooden resonance, as well as the strings’ sense of toughness and diffusion. The frequency range is accurate, without undue emphasis on the mid-bass region.

The PC-Triple C Kojo Technology flagship KS-707H Perseus power cord’s sound possesses ample power, dynamics and density, making it suitable for use with an integrated amplifier or power amplifier in a large space of two hundred square feet. The KS-707H Perseus combines power with refinement. Tiny variations in strength of slow-paced music are rendered clearly and smoothly.

While the KS-707H Perseus outperforms the KS-9 Clotho in terms of relaxation and control, its superiority in sound-staging is even more dominant. The imaging size is similar, but the KS-707H’s sound possesses greater density and separation. The sound is also highly analytical and natural, with the ability to demonstrate the overtones of the musical instruments, and the “interaction” (i.e., hall sound and echo) with the recording venue.

The KS-707H Perseus’s greatest strengths are detail and bandwidth. It is also balanced without emphasis on any frequency range. The treble extension is excellent as with other top pure copper cables while the treble roll-off is set not too high with a relatively flat and linear parabola, so the treble feels natural and not overly sharp.

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