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“Well worth a listen if you’re looking for sturdy, well-made cables with quality terminations and a bit of style and with a smooth, but detailed sonic character. Not much to dislike and much to commend. Would sit well in lots of systems and offer no overly bright or fatiguing edges. An easy choice!”

“Notably that in the first instance these cables buck the trend of offering silver-plated copper – these are made from UP-OFC which it is claimed to offer an ultra-pure product that is a cost effective alternative to crystal copper and much purer than standard OFC. Also, further thought to this cable’s dynamics, it is constructed using a selected blend of wire strand conductor diameters totalling 4mm sq. cross-section. The terminations are made from high purity copper, gold plated and sealed with airtight mechanical fixings without any soldering. As already mentioned, these cables have a thicker diameter than most and are fairly stiff (forget wrapping round very tight corners or burying under carpets!). This additional bulk is, I’m told due to generous fibre filling intended to absorb mechanical and airborne resonance, a feature not usually found with cheaper products. Finally, the website also mentions that these cables are cryogenically treated, a process that is claimed to cold anneal wires and connectors offering less coloured audio properties.”

Handmade in UK:
“Finally, one point I think I should mention that does, in my opinion, show the thoughtfulness and flexibility of Michael Osborn at the helm of Connected Fidelity. The speaker cable pair I received were fitted with my usual preference of spade connectors at the speakers. On fitting I found that the spades on the cable pair I had did not fit the binding posts of my Vienna Acoustics speakers (custom binding posts). This raised an issue discussed at length and following those discussions Michael arranged to change the spade connectors offered on these cables to spades with a gap of 8mm rather than the 6mm used on the cables I received. If any customer has any specific requests on this front I would suggest contacting Connected Fidelity. This issue was resolved for me and I feel that it was nice that my pre-review findings were taken on board, resulting in a change of size of spade terminations offered for the range. Also note that Connected Fidelity cables are all handmade in the UK and custom options can be considered for those wishing for custom lengths or fittings.”

Sound Signature:
“Sound quality is good with lots of detail and with what I would describe as a very smooth presentation and mid warmth. These cables would fit well in a lot of systems and are difficult to be negative about unless you want a brighter leaner presentation. I’d describe them as sitting fairly in the middle ground in terms of sonic character. That is they are not overly warm or lean and bright. No doubt some of this character is due to the copper conductors rather than silvered copper. I did wonder if the levels of detail were aided by the varied wire conductor wire strands, perhaps an aside discussion, but it did seem to me that in comparison to other ‘all copper’ cables I’ve tried these offer more detail than many, yet still managed to have a smooth presentation.”

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