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The DA&T K422 is a superb all-in-one amplifier for your high-end audio needs. Compact, elegant, multi-functional and lightweight. Plug in your music source and you are good to go.

> Bi-Amping
The DA&T K422 includes two sets of amplifiers – a dynamic Class-A amplifier and a Class-D amplifier. Class-A offers the best all-round distortion characteristics while Class-D offers the highest efficiency and comparable distortion characteristics in the 2kHz and below mid-bass region. You can connect the mid-bass unit to the Class-D output and the tweeter to the Class-A output to enjoy the best of both designs. You can also decide to use only the Class-A or Class-D amplifier if your speaker does not support bi-amping.

> Adjustable Dynamic-A Gain
The performance of your music system is affected by the audio environment. Some environments may be too bright, and others too dark. When used in bi-amping mode, the DA&T K422 enables you to adjust the Dynamic-A gain(from 12x to 26.8x) to change the frequency response of your music system to match the environment and achieve coherent frequency response.

> Ample Power
The DA&T K422 outputs 145W@8ohms and 240W@4W in Class-D, 145W@8ohms and 260W@4ohms in Class-A and is capable of supporting most speakers.

> Excellent Digital Capabilities
The DA&T K422 comes with an integrated 32-bit DAC capable of 384kHz/32-bit and DoP128 digital audio when connected via coaxial inputs and 384kHz/32-bit, DSD Native 256 and DoP128 digital audio via USB.

> Excellent Connectivity
The DA&T K422 supports connections via analog, optical digital and coaxial digital inputs. It also supports hi-resolution Bluetooth to enable you to play your favourite music through mobile devices. It also supports direct analog input.

Welcome to visit Love Sanctuary Stereo at 29B South Bridge Road for a personal demo. You can also whatsapp me at https://wa.me/6580235398 for any enquiries.
– Jason Toh, The Stereo Evangelist

Product Specification:
Gain: dBFS=23dBW
Analog output level adjust: -87dBW~23dBW@dBFS 23dBW~41dBW
Power Output(PWM-D): 145W @ 8 ohms
180W @ 6 ohms
240W @ 4 ohms
Power Output(Dynamic A): 145W @ 8 ohms
195W @ 6 ohms
260W @ 4 ohms
Frequency response: 5~80kHz +0dB-3dB@192kHz/32bit
SNR(PWM-D / Dynamic A): >105dB / 102dB
Dynamic range(PWM-D / Dynamic A): >106dB / 110dB
THD+N(PWM-D / Dynamic A): <-85dB / -101dB
Intermodulation(PWM-D / Dynamic A): <-83dB / -95dB
Damping factor(PWM-D / Dynamic A): 80 / 500
Peak current output(PWM-D / Dynamic A): 17A / 22A
Peak voltage output(PWM-D / Dynamic A): 51V / 52V
Slew rate(class A amplifier): 65V/us
Digital input: Optical: 192kHz/32bit, DoP64
Coaxial: 384kHz/32bit, DoP128
USB: 384kHz/32bit, DSD256 Native, DoP128
Analog input: 4Vp(max)@20Hz~20kHz
Direct analog input: 2.5Vp@DC~100kHz
Hi Power analog input: 36Vp(max)@20Hz~20kHz
Dimension: W:430mm L:365mm H:130mm
Weight: 17.5kg

Authorised DA&T Dealer – 2 year local warranty and support
Whatsapp/sms/call: +65 80235398
Demo@ 29B South Bridge Road(by appointment only)
Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday 12pm-7pm
Home demo available.
How to arrange for shop demo and home demo:
Product Website : http://www.da-t.com/productdetails.php?PNO=29
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