Which is Better, Crystal E or Ep

Kojo Technology Design Blog: https://blog.goo.ne.jp/jongaru21/e/29c15487919f2a41ab8e308e6d9c9243 As the Kojo Technology Crystal E and Ep are both grounding products, which is better? Kojo Technology grounding products are developed based on the principle of “Grounding closer to Earth than distant Earth”. It is more effective to ground an audio equipment to a nearby … Read more

The Vocals Specialist Bookshelf Speakers

Divini Kit-M Mini bookshelf speakers alder front view

Divini Audio Kit-M Mini Bookshelf Speakers($1500 – Alder Wood; $1800 – Walnut)—Many of us desire a simple pair of smooth and inviting bookshelf speakers to enjoy our favourite vocals tracks. The Divini Audio Kit-M Mini is much more. You can feel the body and throat texture of the singer’s voice. … Read more

DA&T K422 DAC Integrated Amplifier Bi-Amp

The DA&T K422 is a superb all-in-one amplifier for your high-end audio needs. Compact, elegant, multi-functional and lightweight. Plug in your music source and you are good to go. > Bi-AmpingThe DA&T K422 includes two sets of amplifiers – a dynamic Class-A amplifier and a Class-D amplifier. Class-A offers the … Read more

Putting A Loudspeaker Into A Headphone

Like many of you, I have owned portable setups in my audiophile journey. However despite the rave reviews, the output from my Audio-Technica ATH M50 LE and EMU Teak never sounded like music. My experience led me to discount headphones as a means of serious music listening, until I heard … Read more

Tube Fans Audio AD-2 Analog DAC

“Tube Fans Audio AD-2 Analog DAC” Achieving high-quality digital audio reproduction requires much care and effort. As Steve Sai and I have come across many DACs that destroy the music leading to listening fatigue, we have to be selective in the DACs we carry. We are happy to introduce the … Read more

Introduction to Divini Audio XLR Analog Interconnects

Divini X-S8 XLR Analog Cable 2

The Divini Audio XLR analog interconnects emphasise on quality conductor materials for superior signal conduction, large surface area ground cores for stable voltages, and effective multi-layer shielding and isolation against EM and vibration. The X-S8 and X-S12 use high-purity 7N OCC conductor while the S-S12 uses single-crystal pure silver conductor. … Read more

Introduction to Divini Audio Speakers

Divini Audio was founded to provide the highest quality products for music lovers to enjoy the wonders of music. Their speaker design is based on the following principles:1. Easy to drive and quick response to the music signal2. Fast and accurate transient response3. Maximum signal transfer through the use of … Read more

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