Twittering Machines Favorite Gear of 2023 am glad to share that Twittering Machines has selected the Aurorasound HFSA-01 Integrated Amplifier and Vida Prima Phono Amplifier as its Favourite Gear of 2023. Aurorasound HFSA-01 Integrated Amplifier“As you may already know, those tone controls double as EQ Curves for pre-RIAA records!! What you may not know is … Read more

Which is Better, Crystal E or Ep

Kojo Technology Design Blog: As the Kojo Technology Crystal E and Ep are both grounding products, which is better? Kojo Technology grounding products are developed based on the principle of “Grounding closer to Earth than distant Earth”. It is more effective to ground an audio equipment to a nearby … Read more

Kojo Technology Crystal EpL New Launch

Dear customers, We have received the first shipment of the newly-launched Kojo Technology Crystal EpL LAN-type grounding terminal. After auditioning at Sky Audio, I immediately installed one on my home router. Not only did it improve the quality of my audio system, watching programmes on my Sony Bravia TV was … Read more

Hana Umami Blue MC Cartridge Review by Tracking Angle Price: $3,500Carousell Store: “For all of the superlatives we use in this hobby, the one word I would use to describe the Hana Blue is simply clear and devoid of a specific character (well, that’s more than one word). The tonal balance is silky and extended both on … Read more

Hana SL MC Cartridge Review by TNT Audio Price: $900Carousell Store: “The first and most obvious thing that struck me was a very low level of surface noise, even on some of my poorest vinyl.” “The next striking thing was the the ‘ease’ of everything. I’m not talking about slugged or rolled off sound, but the … Read more

Kojo Crystal E/Ep Grounding Products Demo

The Kojo Technology Japan’s Crystal E Ground Box and Crystal Ep Grounding Terminal have sold more than 13,000 and 8,000 units worldwide respectively. They are valued for their significant sound quality improvements, flexibility in usage and affordability. In this open demo, I will showcase how to connect the Kojo grounding … Read more

Hana Umami Blue MC Cartridge Review by Positive Feedback

Price: $3500Carousell Store: “This is one quiet cartridge with literally some of the lowest noise and hum. I was able to boost the volume without playing the cartridge to nearly full volume without noise or hum. The Blue demonstrates extraordinary construction and attention to detail near the top of … Read more

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