Part-Time Audiophile HiEnd Asia 2023 Report

Thank you Richard for the report on the Sky Audio/Divini Audio room during the HiEnd Asia 2023 exhibition. “Steve and I shared many things in common, from our taste in sonic characteristics to our love of product that uses “wood,” to the choice of music to play to shows, all … Read more

Festival Sales 2023

Visit our showrooms at South Bridge Road and Midview City during this festival sales to enjoy discounts on our products including the Kojo Technology Crystal E-G Ground Box, Divini Audio cables and more.

Kojo Technology Crystal EpL New Launch

Dear customers, We have received the first shipment of the newly-launched Kojo Technology Crystal EpL LAN-type grounding terminal. After auditioning at Sky Audio, I immediately installed one on my home router. Not only did it improve the quality of my audio system, watching programmes on my Sony Bravia TV was … Read more

HiEnd Asia Singapore 2023 Demo Setup

Thank you for dropping by our room (813) during HiEnd Asia Singapore 2023. We would like to share our demo setup as follows:-1, Acoustic Solid Solid Edition Turntable with WTB313 12” Tonearm – S$16,0002, Hana Umami Red MC Cartridge- S$5,4003, Aurorasound Vida Supreme Phonostage – S$18,0004, Neohighend Quattron Reference Rack … Read more

HiEnd Asia Singapore 2023 Introduction

I started Love Sanctuary Stereo in April 2021 to accompany Sky Audio’s Steve in the pursuit of proper music reproduction – to bring out the “performance” envisioned by the artistes, composers, and production team. I am thankful for the generous support of my customers who had bought and recommended my … Read more

Back to Analog School with Zorin Audio

Mr Huang of Zorin Audio paid a visit to Singapore in December 2022 and we(I, Steve and Zorin turntable owners) were students eager to learn from the master. I was most impressed with the thought he put into his turntable designs to enable easy setup without the need for sophisticated … Read more

DA&T at the Kaohsiung Hifi Show 2023

DA&T showcased their latest products at the Kaohsiung Hifi Show 2023. – DA&T DSP Active Speaker System in Stacked Mode!– DA&T K-221 DAC Integrated Amplifier– DA&T Q-J Digital Preamplifier and Headphone Amplifier– DA&T AC Filter 3 Power Filter– DA&T Solutions for Car Audioand more…

Hana Umami Blue MC Cartridge Release

The long-awaited Hana Umami Blue MC Cartridge is finally released. Our demo setup comprises:1. Zorin Audio TP-S1 Turntable2. SPL Phonos Phono Amplifier3. SPL Elector Analog Preamplifier4. SPL Performer s1200 Power Amplifier5. Divini Audio Reference 18 Floorstanding Speakers. “This synergistic relationship in MC cartridge design between specific materials, unique body design, … Read more

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