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Carousell Store: https://www.carousell.sg/p/hana-sl-mc-phono-cartridge-1169109485/

“The first and most obvious thing that struck me was a very low level of surface noise, even on some of my poorest vinyl.”

“The next striking thing was the the ‘ease’ of everything. I’m not talking about slugged or rolled off sound, but the ability to sound effortless right across the disc – including the end of side where the vibrations cut in the groove are at their smallest and most tricky (lowest sampling frequency would be the digital equivalent). Now with many cartridges there comes a point where the sound becomes a little bandwidth-limited, shut-in or even fuzzy as the stylus fails to negotiate the tightest corners, but here the fidelity remained across the disc in a manner that only the best cartridges manage.”

“During the month I had it, it played alongside the Music-Maker Classic, Dynavector 20x2L and Dynavector 17D3 – all more expensive and in the end I preferred the Hana to them all for its consistency, all-round ability and forgive the vague term but I can’t think of a better one – ‘completeness’. The others all proved better in one area or another, or better on some tracks, but overall it was the Hana I kept coming back to in preference and to be blunt it was an easy choice.”

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