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Divini Audio Kit-M Mini Bookshelf Speakers
($1500 – Alder Wood; $1800 – Walnut)

Many of us desire a simple pair of smooth and inviting bookshelf speakers to enjoy our favourite vocals tracks.

The Divini Audio Kit-M Mini is much more. You can feel the body and throat texture of the singer’s voice. You can feel how the singer subtly varies the tone and speed. You can feel how the singer exerts or drags a note. You can feel how the singer commands the accompaniment to elevate her performance. I liken music to an auditory version of a story. The Kit-M Mini surpasses the smooth and relaxed superficial enjoyment to evoke a deeper sense of appreciation and immersion in the story of the music.

For example, we have a pair of Falcon LS3/5A and Harbeth P3ESR traded-in by Alvin who is a decades-long experienced audiophile. As a vocals lover, he remarked that the Kit-M Mini was able to bring out his favourite singers such as Tsai Chin and Yao Ying Ge more clearly and vividly compared to the two established bookshelf loudspeakers.

David originally visited to audition the Hana SL cartridge. He confessed the next day that he could not forget the full and sweet mid-range of the Kit-M Mini, something which his bigger and established Wharfedale Linton 85th Annivesary Speakers could not achieve. He eventually settled for the Divini Classical 11 floor-standers but the original seduction was the Kit-M Mini.

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> Real Wood Cabinetry
The Divini Kit-M Mini is made from 25mm real wood processed using high-precision CNC into 20mm wood cabinets. Real wood has the advantage that its natural distribution of wood fibres helps to disperse cabinet resonance effects, resulting in clean and natural sound. The Divini Kit-M Mini is available in alder and walnut.

> Speaker Drivers from Morel
The Divini Kit-M Mini is designed using speaker drivers from the world-renowned manufacturer Morel of Israel. The Divini 538 mid-bass driver is a customised enhanced version of the Morel CAW 538 for improved midrange transparency and details. The Morel CAT 308 tweeter is picked for its excellent high frequency performance.

> Customised Crossover Design
Divini designs its own crossover for the Kit-M Mini because she understands how critical it affects the overall performance. The crossover uses US Erse Pulse-X polypropylene capacitors for their low dissipation factor characteristics. It uses high-quality low inductance resistors built to custom order to ensure stable performance under high SPLs and long playing times. It uses 1.0mm/1.2mm pure copper winding inductor to preserve midbass transparency and weight.

> Quality Wiring and Binding Posts
The Divini Kit-M Mini uses high-quality LC-OFC 1.2sqmm 5N copper internal wiring and gold-plated copper binding posts for excellent conductivity performance over long operating hours.

Product Specifications:
Speaker Type: Two-Way Bass Reflex
Sensitivity: 86db 1W/1M
Nominal Impedance: 6.3 Ohm
Crossover Frequency: 2.8k Hz
Crossover Brand: Custom-designed by Divini Audio
Frequency Response: 48Hz-25kHz
Power Handing: 120W RMS(180W Peak)
Dimension(HxWxD): 300x170x200mm
Weight(net): 4.8kg/pc

Authorised Divini Audio Dealer – 2 year local warranty and support
Whatsapp/sms/call: +65 80235398
Demo@ 29B South Bridge Road(by appointment only)
Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 12pm – 7pm
Home demo available.
How to arrange for shop demo and home demo: https://www.carousell.sg/p/introduction-to-stereo-love-sanctuary-1106899189/
Product Review: https://review.u-audio.com.tw/reviewdetail.asp?reviewid=1837
YouTube Demo Videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC43uSqE1AluPV3JOSRGQRXw

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