“Tube Fans Audio AD-2 Analog DAC”

Achieving high-quality digital audio reproduction requires much care and effort. As Steve Sai and I have come across many DACs that destroy the music leading to listening fatigue, we have to be selective in the DACs we carry. We are happy to introduce the latest product that meets our stringent criteria – The Tube Fans Audio AD-2 DAC.

While Tube Fans Audio will be an unfamiliar name to us, they are an established company in their home country of Taiwan. The AD-1, predecessor to the AD-2, was awarded the “Best Budget of the Year 2018” by Audio Art Magazine. The AD-2 possesses the following special design features:

1. High-Quality Digital Section
The AD-2 features the same Cirrus Logic CS4353 DAC chip used in the AD-1. While alternatives such as AKM have better specifications and offer integrated functionalities, Tube Fans Audio Founder and Designer Alex still finds that the CS4353 which is dedicated to perform digital-to-analog conversion provides superior audio performance.

The AD-2 uses the Cirrus Logic CS8421 chip to perform 24-bit/192k sampling-rate conversion(SRC) prior to digital-to-analog conversion. The use of a separate SRC chip is a design feature found only in high-end DACs.

2. High-Quality Analog Section
Being the final leg of the digital-to-analog conversion, the strengths of the digital section can only be realised if the analog section is equally strong. Hence Alex devotes much effort to ensure that the AD-2 analog section is of the highest quality.

He uses high-quality Mundorf capacitors in conjunction with out-of-production German high-end ROE and Frako capacitors. The capacitors are selected for matching only after 100 hours of run-in.

3. Compact and Elegant
The AD-2 dimensions are W165mm x D165mm x H83mm and fits easily into your music setting. The casing is made of handmade Finnish Birch for a classic and elegant look.

4. Upgradeable
The base version of the AD-2 can be upgraded with Mundorf Evo Oil Capacitors and an external power supply for better performance.

I have the AD-2 hooked up to my compact bookshelf demo speaker system. The AD-2 excels in tonality, body definition and density and image separation thus enhancing the realistic reproduction of vocals and musical instruments, definition of the performers’ techniques and musical flow. These strengths contribute to an analog sound that we all crave. Our first customer who had a SMSL DAC remarked that the AD-2 was so poisonous that he had no choice but to buy it.

I invite you to arrange a home demo with us at Love Sanctuary Stereo or Sky Audio to personally experience how the AD-2 can benefit your home stereo system. It is fine if you decide not to buy the product after the demo and a few customers have done so. You are also welcome to visit us for a shop demo.

Tube Fans Audio AD-2 DAC
Price: $1000(without upgrades)
Product Specifications:
Input: USB x 1, Optical x 1, Coaxial x 1 / Up to 192K/24Bits
Output: Analog RCA Output x 1
Output Level: 2.2V
Distortion: < 0.05%
S/N: 100 dB
Output Impedance < 600 Ohms
Separation: 100 dB
Frequency Response: 20~20KHz
Power: DC12V
Dimension: W165mm x D165mm x H83mm
Weight: 0.88Kg
Made In Taiwan

TFA AD-2 DAC Customer Setup 1
TFA AD-2 DAC Front View
TFA AD-2 DAC Back View
TFA AD-2 DAC Board View
TFA AD-2 DAC Capacitor
TFA AD-2 DAC External Power Supply

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