Compact Bookshelf Speaker System 2 Full View 1

A couple were looking for a simple home stereo system and was recommended to audition our compact bookshelf speaker system by the wife’s brother . They were to receive 3 surprises.

Surprise 1
The couple received the first surprise on entering our showroom, for they were struck by the beauty of the Divini Audio Kit-M Mini Bookshelf Speakers. Unlike the basic cabinets of most entry-level speakers, the Kit-M Mini cabinet is made of 25mm real wood(choice of walnut or alder) processed using high-precision CNC into 20mm wood cabinets. Real wood has the advantage that its natural distribution of wood fibres helps to disperse cabinet resonance effects, resulting in clean and natural sound. The walnut version matched their console rack perfectly.

Surprise 2
The second surprise came during the demo. Most consider YouTube to be a low-quality music source, even more so when streamed via iPhone’s Bluetooth connection to our DA&T Q-15 DAC Integrated Amplifier. Hence the couple were in disbelief at the excellent sound quality when we performed our demo via the above means. Our demo assured them that they did not have to trade sound quality for simplicity and convenience.

Surprise 3
The couple received the last surprise on the day of delivery. Most customers are concerned that they will not be able to achieve the same sound quality as the showroom without a dedicated music listening room. Hence the couple were delighted at the simplicity of our installation procedures. The couple had already done the hard work by selecting high-quality speakers, cables and amplifiers. Our main job was to install and position them correctly. No room treatment or hacking was required.

The couple now enjoy high-quality Spotify and YouTube streaming in the comfort of their homes. Do you want to be surprised too? I welcome you to arrange a home demo with us at Love Sanctuary Stereo or Sky Audio so you can experience how our solutions can complement your own system. It is fine if you decide not to buy after the home demo and a few customers did not. You are also welcome to visit us for a shop demo.

“3 Surprises” Home Stereo System Components and Prices
1. Divini Audio Kit-M Mini Bookshelf Speakers(Walnut) – $1800
2. DA&T Q-15 DAC Integrated Amplifier – $1250
3. Divini Audio SP-ES3/2 5N LC-OFC Speaker Cable – $400
4. Kojo Technology KS-0 Medusa Power Cord with connected-fidelity Audiophile Fuse – $100

Compact Bookshelf Speaker System 2 DA&T Q-15 DAC Integrated Amplifier
Compact Bookshelf Speaker System 2 Divini Audio Kit-M Mini front
Compact Bookshelf Speaker System 2 Full View 2
Compact Bookshelf Speaker System 2 Full View 3

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