Thanks Calvin for visiting to audition the Kojo Crystal E ground box.

The Kojo Crystal E acts as a virtual ground to drain undesired electrical noise and stray signals to achieve a more accurate reproduction of the original music recording. You will experience immediate improvements in all aspects including more defined and refined vocals and musical instruments, clearer imaging and separation and more apparent transients. What I find most remarkable is its neutral character which brings about these benefits while retaining the sound signature and musicality of your system.

I also appreciate the following strengths of the Kojo Crystal E.

1. The Kojo Crystal E is compact and light enabling easy placement even in tight areas. This is important as rack space is a premium.

2. The Kojo Crystal E supports all common digital and analog connections including RCA, spade, XLR, USB, USB-C, 3.5mm. I can use it on all components of my stereo setup, home theatre setup and headphone setup.

3. The default package already includes a set of high-quality RCA and spade ground cables. The performance can be elevated by upgrading to Kojo Clone1 and Clone2 ground cables priced at an affordable $120-$150 each.

4. The Kojo Crystal E allows me to play around with different configurations to optimise its performance. I can match different number of Kojo Crystal E units, different combination of Clone1 and Clone2 cables, connection to different components of my stereo setup etc.

I welcome you to come by my showroom at 29B South Bridge Road or arrange for a home demo to find out more.

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