I desire to work with the best and Steve Sai of Sky Audio is the best. Since I started my stereo journey four years ago, I have heard systems from the entry-level to the high-end. While most impressed in hi-fi-effects – big sound-stage, instrument clarity, deep bass, sweet vocals, they could not make music sound like music. Only Steve’s demos stood out with the ability to draw me into the music, unconscious of the time.

Steve achieves this feat because he is clear about the critical aspects of music reproduction and only builds his systems around products that meet them. These critical aspects are:
1. To express the qualities of the instruments and human voices to transport you to the real-life performance.
2. To express the techniques and nuances of each performer to enthrall you with the talents on stage.
3. To express the musical flow to sweep you up in the breathtaking rhythms and melodies of the music.
The music engages when all three elements are in place. In addition, you will find that the music has the right amount of bass, the proper sound-stage and imaging and vocals which are sweet and lively.

The video is a demo of my compact bookshelf speaker system starring the Divini Audio Kit-M Mini Bookshelf Speaker($1500/$1800) and the DA&T Q-15 DAC Integrated Amplifier($1250), playing a YouTube Music stream of “永恒国度” which is the theme song of the popular Hong Kong drama series “My Date with a Vampire III”. I will continue to improve so that I can be as good as Steve and accomplish my mission as The Stereo Evangelist to bring the gift of stereo to the new generation.

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