Divini Audio Classical 11 Floor-Standing Speakers Demo Setup
Demo CD Mozart

I demoed the Divini Audio Classical 11 Floor-Standing Speakers to a customer who came by to understand more about Divini Audio speakers. I performed the demo with the default Kojo mid-range KS-13 Gorgon power cord followed by the Kojo flagship KS-707H Perseus power cord. While he was impressed by the level of detail and separation of the system with the KS-13, he remarked that it turned into a different beast with much deeper musical engagement with the KS-707H.

How does a single change result in such a big difference in listening experience? At Love Sanctuary Stereo and Sky Audio, we only carry products that meet our requirements in music reproduction:
1. To express the qualities of the instruments and human voices to transport you to the real-life performance.
2. To express the techniques and nuances of each performer to enthrall you with the talents on stage.
3. To express the musical flow to sweep you up in the breathtaking rhythms and melodies of the music.

The Classical 11 setup with KS-13 is able to achieve a good level of music reproduction in all three aspects. The KS-707H adds a touch of high-end realism and refinement which brings out a more accurate and vivid reproduction of the vocals, instruments and musical rhythms.

Whether you are looking to build your first music system or upgrade your existing system, I welcome you to visit Love Sanctuary Stereo or Sky Audio.
– Jason Toh, The Stereo Evangelist

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