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3m – $1600
Other lengths also available

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#UP-OFC (Ultra-Pure Oxygen Free Copper Wire) Large Diameter Conductors
#High Quality Banana and Spade ‘Air Tight’ Connectors
#Natural Fibre Damping Material
#Deep Cryogenic Treatment

Product Introduction:
> Purity of Design and Materials
connected-fidelity UNITY TWO cables are designed to offer as near a ‘see through’ sound quality as possible at their price point. They use ultra-pure Oxygen Free Copper (UP-OFC) multi-strand of different diameters to ensure a balanced sound from the lowest bass note up to the highest frequencies. To reduce the impact of air borne resonance, the signal wires are damped. UNITY TWO cables are supplied with either banana or spade ends. Special lengths and spade/banana combinations are available.

> UP-OFC Copper Conductors
UP-OFC wire is as pure a copper as its possible to create other than the much more costly ‘single crystal’ copper material. This ultra-pure ‘UP’ copper should not be confused with other OFC copper materials, its purity is significantly better offering a clearer and more dynamic sound quality. Using a carefully selected blend of wire strand diameters totalling 4mm sq. cross section offers suits amplifiers up to 800W/8ohm RMS per channel.

> Audiophile ‘Air-Tight’ Connectors
The banana and spade connectors are manufactured from very high quality copper and are pure gold plated. These connectors are attached to the cables with ‘air-tight’ mechanical fixings so there is no soldering, which adds a different material to terminations and has a negative effect on sound quality.

> Resonance Damping
The UNITY TWO signal wires have a generous natural fibre infill surrounding them to absorb mechanical and air borne vibration which affects sound quality. This material bulk means the cables have a large diameter, but it is necessary for the best quality sound.

> Cryogenically Treated
All UNITY cables undergo deep cryogenic treatment, a process that cold anneals the wires and connectors. This process reduces ‘audio colouration’ and enhances all aspects of the sound quality, bringing it that much closer to perfection. No one has exactly identified how this process improves the quality of non-ferrous materials, there is no material change to be seen under an electron microscope, but it is known that it has a seriously beneficial effect on the transmitted musical signal.

> Hand-Made Build Quality
All connected-fidelity products are hand made in the UK by expert craftsmen and engineers, trained to produce the finest workmanship. They make cables to last a lifetime – a lifetime of pleasure.

Sound Signature:
– A balanced natural sound quality
– Good dynamics and timing
– Fatigue free listening

Product Specifications:
– UP-OFC copper multi-sized stranded conductors 2 x 4.0 mm sq.
– Conductor material: ultra-pure oxygen-free copper UP-OFC
– Cross section: 2 x 4.0 mm2
– Resistance: 0.0045 Ω / m
– Capacity: 99.00 pF / m
– Inductance: 0.6 μH / m
– Outer diameter of cable: 16 mm


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