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The Divini Audio PT-ES is a mid-range power cord suited for DIY stereo use.

The cable construction follows Divini’s established multi-core structure to provide clarity, transparency, extended high-frequency and bass extension, and balanced frequency response.

Divini uses high-purity 5N LC-OFC conductor material, with a surface area of 11AWG each for the live and neutral wires, to provide high current and ample power.

Divini features dual-shielding with independent OFC braid for the live and neutral wires and aluminium foil exterior shielding. The dual-shielding structure effectively isolates the cable against external EM interference and internal cross interference to minimise noise and distortion, providing blacker backgrounds and a more immersive music experience.

Product Specifications:
Cable Type: High End LC-OFC Power Cable
Conductor: 99.9997% OFC
Wire Diameter: 4.12mm sq*2+3.5mm sq*1
Shield Type: Independent OFC Braid + Aluminum Foil
Outer Diameter: 18.5 mm
# Braid by 0.1mm&0.2mm LC-OFC Copper Wire



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Divini Audio PT-ES LC-OFC Audio Grade Power Cable