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Product Introduction:
The Kojo Crystal 3P can be combined with the Kojo Crystal3.1 or Kojo Crystal6.1 to extend the number of sockets to support more audio equipment.

> Effective Vibration Suppression With The Established M.I.S.(Mechanical Isolation Structure)
Similar to the previous Kojo Force Bar series, the body consists of three parts: a TOP cover, a BOTTOM chassis, and a SUB-chassis. All interior components, from inlet to outlet, are mounted on the sub-chassis and suspended away from the exterior case (TOP cover, BOTTOM chassis) to isolate them from undesired external vibrations. The coupling material between the top cover and sub-chassis is also improved from titanium to M2052 alloy which effectively attenuates vibrations over a wide bandwidth, from low frequencies to ultrasonic frequencies. The M.I.S. design also ensures physical isolation from the exterior case even when an over-sized power adapter or power plug is used.

> New Material Design for Enhanced Stability
The material design has been improved from the Force Bar series. The top cover has been changed from steel to aluminum, and the bottom chassis and sub-chassis from aluminum to steel, resulting in an increase in weight of 20% (570g⇒670g).

For better protection against vibrations from the floor surface, Kojo has increased the thickness of the bottom chassis from 1.6 mm to 2.0mm, and replaced the original rubber material with TAOC vibration absorption pad.

These material improvements effectively enhances the rigidity and stability of the Kojo Crystal unit, giving you superior audio performance.

> Improved Internal Wiring
The internal wiring material has been improved from 4N oxygen-free copper to tin-plated 1.6mm while retaining the single-wire design that exploits the skin effect. It is also straight-wired to ensure no-loss power transfer. The solder material is chosen after a detailed research process and applied by Kojo’s skilled masters.

> Excellent Usability
The Kojo Crystal 3P features three 3-pin outlets and is capable of driving most audio setups including the common CD players, pre-amps, and power amplifiers combination. The distance between adjacent outlets is sufficient to support over-sized power plugs and power adapters. The compact and slim body design facilitates installation in limited spaces and tidy wiring. It also comes with a ground terminal on the top chassis, an unique feature not found in competing products, which you can connect the power cord ground cable e.g. of turntables to.

> Excellent Expandability
The modular design of the Kojo Crystal series enables different products to be combined to provide the required functionalities and achieve unified sound quality and design. It also enables future products to be compatible with existing products. The Kojo Crystal 3P inlet and connecting outlet are based on the IEC60320 international standard to support expansion with compatible Kojo products such as the Crystal3.1/6.1.

> Design Philosophy
As the name implies, the Kojo Crystal series is designed around a clean and elegant theme. The chassis has been changed from the previous Kojo Force Bar’s black to silver. The bottom chassis creates a sense of unity with the top cover. The font has also been updated to better match modern styles. You can also look through the unit to glimpse at the M.I.S. design.

> Sound Quality
The Force Bar series is often praised for its transparency and dynamism. The Kojo Crystal 3P far exceeds that benchmark. Its sound is one that is wide and balanced and brings out the spatial expression and transparency in the music. The bass is clean and deep; the bass and midrange is dynamic and captivating; and the midrange extends smoothly into the treble. You will not want to switch off your music.

Product Specifications:
Inlet: 1x IEC60320 C14 3-pin inlet
Outlet: 3x US 3-pin outlet
1x IEC60320 C13 3-pin connecting outlet
Capacity: 1500VA
Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
Dimensions: (W)59mm (H)37mm (D)233mm
Weight: 670g
Operating temperature: 0~40 degrees C



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Kojo Technology Crystal 3P Power Extension Unit