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3m, 5m also available

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Product Introduction:
The Kojo KS-3II EuryaleII is a reference-level power cord. It uses the Kojo KS-0 Medusa cable with moderate hardness and flexibility, high quality AET PSE-018V2HG outlet plug and AET PSE-320HG inlet plug.

The Kojo KS-3II EuryaleII is the KS-series model oriented towards high-resolution with excellent high-frequency reproduction and resolution, imaging and speed, making it most suitable to bring out the best in modern music.

Product Specifications:
Rating: 15A 125V
Cable: HVCTF 3×2SQ 20sq / 37 x 0.26Φ / 3-core structure / Outer diameter 8.4Φ
Outlet Plug: PSE-018V2HG AET Gold-Plated
Inlet Plug: PSE-320HG AET Gold-Plated


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Kojo Technology KS-3II EuryaleII Power Cord