“The Kojo Technology Crystal 3P/3.1/C1P feature the Mechanical Isolation System(M.I.S.) chassis design to effectively reduce mechanical vibration. The top chassis, bottom chassis and sub-chassis are joined together using M2052 alloy developed by NIMS Japan which provides effective broadband vibration suppression and magnetic shielding. The gap between adjacent sockets are large enough to support over-sized plugs.”

Kojo Technology Crystal 3P, 3.1 Power Distributor
“The Crystal 3P/3.1 resulted in a quieter background and more defined lines, with the greatest improvement in treble definition and refinement. The treble and overtones of the piano possessed more variation and sounded more pleasant while the violin had less roughness. The increase in details and realism was achieved without sounding bright.”
“There was an overall improvement in the realism of the sound-stage and imaging, with slight narrowing but increased depth, clearer edges, more natural edge gradient and greater distance contrast.”
“The Crystal 3P/3.1 did not alter the sound signature and balance.”

Kojo Technology Crystal C1P Power Filter
“The Crystal C1P provided controlled power filtering resulting in quieter background, increased treble clarity and realism and better bass, without much impact on dynamics and sound-staging.”
“The Crystal C1P effects were more obvious than many competing power filters tested. Imaging was more apparent with more layered edge gradients, greater background contrast and greater distance contrast.”
“We assumed that the effect of the Crystal C1P on the treble would be limited as the Crystal 3P/3.1 had already removed much of the roughness. However, the Crystal C1P managed to remove any remnant roughness and amplified the strengths of the Crystal 3P/3.1.”

Kojo Technology Crystal E Ground Box
“Finally we added the Kojo Technology Crystal E Ground Box. Although we were mentally prepared, we were still astonished by the improvement it brought.”

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