“Don’t underestimate the DA&T Xi-51 DSP Active Speaker System. Despite its size, its sound signature is accurate, clear and dynamic. It was able to express the full musical layering during the climax of Sir Simon Rattle and the Berliner Philharmoniker’s Beethoven Symphonien 9. Having impressed with grand scale classical music, I also tried Chinese pop, cello solos, movie soundtracks. The Xi-51 capably handled every musical genre thrown at it.”

In the comments
“The DA&T DSP Active Speaker System is a cost-effective high-end music system. Having spent years to build a music system that satisfies, if I am to turn back the clock, I will simply choose the DA&T DSP Active Speaker System.

DA&T understands the fundamental areas critical to music reproduction and is meticulous in their design e.g. use of paper driver material and electrical noise isolation. The use of a coaxial link(between the speakers) also removes the need to invest in high-end analog cables.

With the release of the DA&T DSP Active Speaker System, refined and transparent high-end music reproduction is now within the reach of all music lovers .”


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