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$700 for set of 4 pieces.
$1000 for set of 4 pieces with threads for use with loudspeakers
Choice of Silver or Black

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Product Introduction:
> More Music With Less Distortion
connected-fidelity’s investigations into the how’s and why’s of isolating audio and A/V components to achieve high level performance, and not simply to change the tone or add phase effects to soften sound, have resulted in a product range called ‘Float’.

> Effective Isolation From Mechanical Vibration
External vibrations do react with your audio and A/V electronics like Amplifiers, Streamers, Servers, etc., and also electro-mechanical components such as turntables, CD and DVD players, not to forget loudspeakers. Internal vibrations are also produced by electrical equipment itself, particularly transformers, but even power transistors vibrate; servos and motors present a further range of vibration issues.

All rubbers, silicones, springs etc. will dampen certain resonances, but their compliant material ‘memory’ adds their own resonance character and fall short of best practice isolation. These materials also tend to act as a ‘stopper’, so vibrational energy is reflected back, rather than being an energy conduit or ‘sink’. This applies to hard isolation cones as well. All well designed products using these materials will work to some extent but are fundamentally flawed.

The principle used in Float isolators is different, they do not use compliant or damping materials, but an arrangement of ‘floating’ spheres held within two circular cup shaped channels, so vibrational energy is ‘spent’ in the micro-movements of these spheres without losing a direct connection path between component and the platform its sitting on.

> Design
Float isolation pucks are slimline designed, to sit discretely under your equipment. The Silver or Black coloured hard anodised aluminium two part body hides a bespoke ball race manufactured from chromium steel (a non-resonant material ‘cage’ holds the balls apart).

Three (POM) spheres set into the top and bottom faces act as ‘feet’ to ensure stability, and base plates supplied can be used above or below each Float. Supplied in sets of three and four, with additional base (or top) plate sets also available.

> Float For Loudspeakers
A set of Float loudspeaker connecting components with threaded fixing options (M6 and M8), are available for loudspeakers up to 30Kg.

> Positioning
Broadly, connected-fidelity suggests they are positioned under equipment next to the existing feet. There is an argument for using three Floats, particularly under lighter components, with fewer vibration ‘sink’ points.

Try positioning one of the set under or close to the transformer in the equipment. Also try placing the Float’s under the original feet. There is scope for experimentation to find the best sounding configuration.

Float isolation is particularly effective under turntables and electro-mechanical equipment such as CD, DVD and Blue-ray players, servers and computer equipment with mechanical hard drives, and loudspeakers.

– Greater clarity across all frequencies
– More musical bass notes (less ‘muddy’)
– A wider and deeper sound stage

Product Specifications:
Outside Diameter: 49.0mm Dia.
Height Excluding Base Plate: 23.0mm
Height Inc. Base Plate: 25.5mm
Height With Loudspeaker Accessory and Base Plate: 37.0mm
Height Adjustment on Loudspeaker Accessory: +8.0mm
Boxed Weight. Set of 3: 0.55Kg
Boxed Weight. Set of 4: 0.66Kg
Boxed Weight. Loudspeaker Accessory, set of 4: 0.46Kg
Colourways: Silver & Black.


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