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$150 – Set of 8 footers

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Product Introduction:
The Divini DD-3 provides excellent equipment support and effective vibration isolation and absorption to bring out the best in your audio system.

Some footer designs are based on soft materials, the most common of which is rubber. Rubber possesses high internal resistance and elasticity which provides effective vibration absorption. However, it is prone to displacement effects due to its low stiffness. This weakness renders it unsuitable for use with loudspeakers.

Other designs are based on hard materials such as copper and steel. However, they are ineffective at vibration suppression due to the inherent low internal resistance of such materials.

The Divini DD-3 provides effective vibration isolation and absorption and ease of use by combining the strengths of hard materials and soft materials. It uses stainless steel in the main body which possesses high hardness, high mass and high stress-resistance to provide stable equipment support and high resistance to displacement effects. It uses a custom-designed Teflon rubber strip to provide effective vibration absorption. The unique sink design minimises surface area contact between the Teflon rubber strip and your equipment while still providing excellent support. With its high mass, effective vibration isolation and effective vibration absorption characteristics, the Divini DD-3 is highly recommended for use with bookshelf speakers.

Product Specifications:
Type: Footers
Net Weight: 82 g
Dimensions: (Diameter)31mm, (Height)18.3mm
Max Load: 25kg/pcs


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Divini Audio DD-3 Footers