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SP-40 spike – $150
DB-40 spike base – $50
Available separately

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Product Introduction:
The Divini SP-40 and DB-40 spike-spike base provide a stable platform to minimise adverse displacement, vibration and resonance effects, forming a solid foundation for immersive music reproduction.

> Main Body
The Divini SP-40 high-hardness stainless steel body is manufactured using high-precision CNC to form the perfect shape for effective vibration dispersion.

> Rubber Ring
The Divini SP-40 rubber ring designed using an unique Teflon rubber formula validated in real-world tests to maximise internal resistance and deformation resistance. The durable rubber can last for 20 years and does not leave a residue unlike normal rubber. The sink design minimises surface area contact between the spike and audio equipment.

> Wood Column
The walnut column is not used merely for asthetics. The potent combination of high-hardness stainless steel and walnut materials effectively reduces resonance effects over a wide bandwidth, resulting in smoother and natural sound quality.

SP-40 spike specifications:
Type: Stainless steel and wood composite spike
Net Weight: 109 g
Dimensions: (Diameter)40mm (Height)33.2mm
Maximum Load: 40 kg/pcs

DB-40 spike base specifications:
Type: Stainless steel and wood composite spike base
Net Weight: 62.5 g
Dimensions: (Diameter)40mm (Height)10.1mm
Maximum Load: 100 kg/pcs


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Divini Audio SP-40 Spike and DB-40 Spike Base