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One Set of 4 Pieces – $330
Awarded “VGP (Visual Grand Prix) 2016”

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> Effective Vibration Suppression
The Kojo PuzzBlock is made of special resin with relative density of 1.4 and effectively suppresses vibration effects from the floor. The material is strong enough to withstand a 1kg iron ball dropped from a height of 1.8m.

> Two Colour Choices
Choose between white and brown to suit your room decor.

> Flexibility
Each piece is designed with multiple slots to support multiple cables. You can experiment to discover the slot combination that gives the best music quality. You can also fix multiple blocks together like a jigsaw puzzle.

Product Specification:
Colour: Brown/White
Weight: Approx. 275g per piece, 4 pieces per box(total: approx. 1.1 kg)


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Kojo Technology PuzzBlock Cable Lifter