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Kojo Technology Crystal E – $450
Kojo Technology Crystal Ex2(*New, 2 Crystal Es in one package) – $850

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Kojo was a pioneer in the audio industry in the development of ground boxes. The Kojo Crystal E inherits from the previous Force Bar series and re-examined the materials, structure and shape of the ground box to elevate your audio system to the next level with better definition of instruments and micro-details.

> Improved Grounding Design
Kojo optimized the design of the Force BarEP model to achieve superior grounding capabilities.
1. The shape and dimension of the ground box has been redesigned to achieve 1.75x the surface area.
2. Kojo introduced a 0.5mm gap between each layer to eliminate the effects of inter-layer interactions and increased the surface area of each layer.
3. Kojo optimized the number of layers and materials of each layer. The ForceBarEP model consists of 6 layers – (1)copper/(2)brass/(3)copper/ (4)brass/(5)copper/(6)steel. The Crystal E consists of 8 layers – (1)stainles steel(SUS)/(2)Brass/(3)Copper/(4)Brass/(5)Copper/(6)Brass/(7)Copper/(8)Brass.
4. Kojo redesigned the body. While the Force BarEP used 2mm stainless steel in the top cover and 1.5mm aluminium in the bottom, the Crystal E uses 2mm aluminium in the top cover and 2mm steel in the bottom. This reduces the centre of gravity of the unit and greatly improves music performance.

> More Secure Connection
While the Force BarEP uses a M4 screw with a rowlet to allow the ground cable to be attached without dedicated tools, the Crystal E uses a SUS M4 binding screw(Philips Screwdriver No.2 size required) to ensure a more secure connection.

– Improves S/N resulting in music with better scale, definition, dynamics and richness
– Comes with a set of ground cable accessories(one RCA ground cable, one spade ground cable)
– *Can be used with Kojo Clone series ground cables for even better performance

Product Specifications:
Virtual ground terminals: M4 × 2 terminals (stainless steel screws)
Dimensions: (W)80mm (H)35mm (D)111mm
Weight: 775g
Accessories: 2x 1.2m dedicated grounding cable, 1x RCA plug-Y terminal (M4) cable(gold plated), 1x Y terminal (M4) – Y terminal (M6) cable(gold plated)
*Y terminal size: M6 (recommended mounting screw size m4 to 6)


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Kojo Technology Crystal E Ground Box