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#UP-OCC(Ultra-Pure Single Crystal Copper Wire) Conductors
#Double Shielding Against RF Interference
#Natural Fibre Damping
#High-Quality XLR Gold-Plated Connectors
#Deep Cryogenic Treatment

Product Introduction:
> Purity of Design and Materials.
connected-fidelity™ UNITY XLR cables have been designed to offer as near a ‘see through’ sound quality as it is possible to produce at their price point. They use super pure single crystal copper (UP-OCC) for the + and – signal wires, plus UP-OCC woven copper over aluminum foil in a double layer to ground. The signal wires are resonance damped, held away from the shielding with a filler material that reduces mechanical resonance.

> Quality XLR Connectors
connected-fidelity uses 24K gold plating over high purity brass signal pins, which are attached to the UP-OCC wire with silver/gold loaded solder. They do not attach the plug casings to the ground pin as this can inject RF interference into the earth wiring and cause a loss of system fidelity

> Multi-Layer Dielectric Insulation
UNITY XLR cables are constructed with the multilayer dielectric insulation (as described above) to help reject most RF and electromagnetic interference. Balanced cables reject ‘noise’ due to their balanced configuration, but it is best practice to prevent RF ‘noise’ reaching the live signal wires in the first place. This ensures that signal purity is maintained under all conditions.

> Cryogenically Treated
All UNITY cables undergo deep cryogenic treatment, a process that cold anneals the wires and connectors. This process reduces ‘audio colouration’ and enhances all aspects of the sound quality, bringing the cable quality that much closer to perfection – no cable influence on the sound. No one has worked out how this process so changes the quality of non-ferrous materials, there is no material change to be seen under an electron microscope, but they know it has a seriously beneficial effect on audio sound quality.

> Hand-Made Build Quality
All connected-fidelity products are hand made in the UK by expert craftsmen and engineers, trained to produce the finest workmanship. They make cables to last a lifetime – a lifetime of pleasure.

Sound Signature:
– A balanced natural sound quality
– Good dynamics and timing
– Fatigue free listening


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connected-fidelity Unity XLR interconnect cable