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Product Introduction
> Minimise Transmission Loss
The easiest way to achieve superior music performance is to minimise transmission loss. This is the principle by which Kojo developed the KS-Kit01 solderless cable kit.
– Use the shortest transmission cable. This minimises transmission loss without having to use expensive conductor materials.
– Save money by using only the length of cable you need. Each cable kit comes with 8 plugs to make 2 sets of RCA cables.

> Secure Solder-free Connection
The KS-Kit01 design ensures a secure solder-free connection for good music reproduction. First, the core wire and plug pin are joined inside the plug to protect and secure the connection. The distance between the core wire and plug pin is minimised to preserve the music signal. Since solder is not used, the sound quality is not degraded by the the solder.

Product Specifications:
Outer Diameter: 4.00mm
Wire Material: OFC
Core Wire: 0.18mm2
Braided Wire: 16/0.12 (singles/mm)
Core Insulation Thickness: 0.98mm±0. 05mm
Interior Sheath Thickness: 0.25mm
Shield Outer Diameter: 3.50mm
Exterior Sheath Thickness: 0.50mm(±0.05mm
Maximum Conductor Resistance(20°c): 100Ω/km≧
Capacitance (1kHz): Approx. 160 (pF/m)
Plug Material: Copper Alloy/Gold Plating


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Kojo Technology KS-KIT01 Solderless RCA Cable Kit