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Product Introduction:
The Divini S-S12 is a no-compromise RCA cable for the most demanding audiophile.

> Cable Construction
The Divini S-S12 cable is a true balanced design with a 3-core and independent triple-shielding structure. It consists of two 0.11mm OCS single-crystal silver signal wires and one 0.22mm OCS single-crystal silver ground wire to form a fully-balanced structure. It features superior triple shielding consisting of two layers of thick copper foil and 0.1mm silver-plated OFC isolation. The large earth wire surface area ensures stable ground voltages and minimises floating voltages in the transmission of small signals, ensuring minimum transmission loss.

> Sound Signature
a. Highly stable, expansive and deep soundstage
b. Highly dense imaging and dynamic response
c. Reference-level frequency response
d. High-purity single-crystal silver imparts musical gloss, smoothness and refinement

Product Specifications:
Cable Type: RCA Interconnect
Conductor Material: 99.9999% 6N OCS
Wire Diameter: 0.528 sqx2 + 0.94 sqx1
Structure: 3P Shielding Structure
Shield Type: Triple Shielding(Silver-Plated OFC Wire Braid + 2xCopper Foil)
Outer Diameter: 10.0mm


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Divini Audio S-S12 Pure Silver RCA Signal Cable