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The Divini UM-12 is a high cost-performance USB cable for your mid-range and high-end audio setup.

Divini released in 2017 its flagship Logos USB cable after three years of research. It successfully resolved the biggest problem plaguing USB cables – the connector. Following Divini’s philosophy to design high-quality products for general audiophiles, they subsequently developed the UM-12 which inherits the major advancements found in the Logos.

The Divini UM-12 uses pure silver(D+,D-) contact material for minimal signal loss. It features Divini’s custom-made Teflon support structure which effectively suppresses contact vibration and improves contact pressure, thereby minimising contact resistance variations and ensuring the stability of digital signals. It also features a CNC-champagne-gold-plated copper protective shell which effectively suppresses EM interference and enhances contact stability, and maple outer cover to minimise resonance.

The Divini UM-12 offers flagship-level performance in an attractive package to bring you musical bliss.

Product Specifications:
Cable Type: USB Cable
Conductor Material: Silver-Plated 5N LC-OFC
Contact Material: Pure Silver(D+,D-),OCC(V+,V-)
Outer Diameter: 8.5 mm
Structure: 2+2 Independent Structure( Signal and Power)
Shield Type: Double Shielding(Copper Foil+Silver-Plated Copper Braid )


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Divini Audio UM-12 Audio Grade USB Cable