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Product Introduction:
The Divini UM-3 is an audiophile USB cable for your digital streaming setup.

> Cable Construction
The Divini UM-3 cable is composed of a 4-core structure: 2×0.1mm signal cores and 2×0.1mm power cores. It features superior multi-layer shielding of Aluminium foil and 0.1mm OFC isolation and a 24AWG(was 28AWG) transmission core. The thick 10uin(was 3uin) pure silver plating optimizes transmission of high-frequency signals and timely delivery of electrical signals. This enhances the audio quality by decreasing the DAC comparison load. Lastly, the large-diameter power cores ensure stable voltages.

> Connector
The Divini UM-3 connector is made of gold-plated copper for its excellent elasticity and electrical conductivity. The custom-designed rubber housing greatly reduces the effects of vibration.

> Sound Signature
The Divini UM-3 gives you a stable sound stage, clear instrument images, dynamic sound, clean highs and accurate bass.

Product Specifications:
Cable Type: USB Cable
Conductor Material: Silver-plated 6N PC-OFC
Outer Diameter: 7.2 mm
Structure: 2+2 Independent Structure
Shielding: Double Shielding(Aluminium Foil + Copper Braid)


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Divini Audio UM-3 USB Cable