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The Divini X-N12 is the birthchild of Divini’s research in 2019 to bring out the best in music streaming. It achieves high speed and stable signal transmission with minimal interference and loss.

> Quality Construction
– Stable contact point made from phosphor bronze with 50 micro-inch 24K gold plating
– Superior EM suppression with triple-shielding(Aluminum Foil+Copper Foil+Silver-Plated Copper Braid)
– The following factors affect the signal transmission quality and bandwidth – twisting of the Ethernet wires, material type and thickness of the copper core envelope, twisting of the conductor. Divini takes them into consideration when designing the internal construction
– Minimal signal loss with high-purity 7N OCC conductor material

> Sound Signature
– Dark background to present the maximum musical details
– Solid and dense imaging with balanced frequency response
– Elegant musical texture with distinct and melodious overtones

Product Specifications:
Length: 2m
Cable Type: Ethernet Cable(RJ45)
Conductor Material: 7N OCC
Contact Material: Phosphor Bronze With Min. 50 Mic-Inch Gold Plating
Outer Diameter: 10 mm
Structure: 2x4pair Independent Structure
Shield: Triple Shielding(Aluminum Foil+Copper Foil+Silver-Plated Copper Braid)


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Divini Audio X-N12 OCC Ethernet Cable