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Product Introduction:
The Divini XS-8 is an audiophile-grade XLR cable suitable for mid and high-end setups.

> Cable Construction
The Divini XS-8 cable is a true balanced design with a 3-core and independent dual-shielding structure. It consists of two 0.1mm OCC signal wires and one 0.2mm OCC ground wire to form a fully-balanced structure. It features superior multi-layer shielding of thick copper foil and 0.1mm OFC isolation. The large earth wire surface area ensures stable ground voltages and minimises floating voltages in the transmission of small signals, ensuring minimum transmission loss.

> Sound Signature
a. Stable, expansive and deep soundstage
b. Dense imaging and dynamic response
c. Faithful reproduction of full frequency range of musical instruments
d. High-purity copper imparts musical gloss, smoothness, sweetness and vibrance

Product Specifications:
Cable Type: XLR Interconnect
Conductor Material: 99.99999% 7N OCC
Wire Diameter: 0.436 sqx2 + 1.0 sqx1
Structure: 3P Shielding Structure
Shield Type: Double Shielding(OFC Wire Braid + Copper Foil)
Outer Diameter: 8.2mm
Contact Plug: Pure Copper XLR Contact Plug



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Divini Audio X-S8 7N OCC XLR Cable