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Also available without re-cable

Product Description:
The Kojo Keyagu is an unique high-end earphone combining solid Japanese technology with Kojo’s expertise in brass. With its stunning contrast of shiny brass and subdued yellow, it lights up any music environment. With its detailed, dynamic and natural sound signature, you will never want to stop the music.

>Brass Housing
Through repeated prototyping, Kojo has successfully engineered a design that brings out the best in brass – a sense of weight without feeling heavy and the right balance of brass’ unique sound signature. A clear coating protects the brass surface. The elegant “KOJO” engraving denotes the sound channels(“KO”: left, “JO”: right).

>MMCX Connector
The use of mmcx enables you to connect any earphone cable of your choice. The mmcx connector is made by a leading industry manufacturer. You can also opt for the Kojo bluetooth-enabled cable for use with mobile devices.

The included high-quality re-cable is made using PC-Triple C conductor to maximise signal transmission by reducing graining. The cable includes a single wire with high conductivity at the centre and an ultra-fine wire at the outer circumference to transmit high frequency signals. It also has a conductor structure that takes into account the epidermal effect in cable signal transmission.
The sheath is made of fluorine resin and the conductor and sheath intervention yarn is made of silk thread to ensure high resistance to noise and static electricity, high stability and fast transmission speed, soft and supple texture and ease of use.
In addition, the 3.5φ stereo plug and mmcx connector are gold-plated to improve sound quality and prevent oxidation, and the branch brackets are engraved with the logo “Keyagu”(friend in Tsugaru).

>Ear Tips
The Kojo Keyagu comes with excellent Crystal tips from Crystalline Audio coated with heat-resistant and sweat-resistant protective film to provide high durability and an outstanding ear-fit. The sound insulation is 3x that of conventional silicon ear tips so you can listen at relatively low volume levels.

>Hi-Res Driver
The Kojo Keyagu utilises Super Engineering Plastic material for the driver vibration plate. This allows the Keyagu to achieve wideband high-resolution sound quality(above 40kHz) using a single driver(see included frequency response image).

>Sound Signature
The sound of the Kojo Keyagyu possesses high resolution and clarity, revealing hidden details in your music. It is also smooth and natural so you will not get tired even during long listening sessions. The brass material imparts a unique dynamic and impactful sound that makes you just want to listen on and on.

Product Specifications:
Earphone Body:
Housing: Brass shavings
Driver: Dynamic Type φ9.65 ×1
Impedance: 16Ω(@1KHz / 1mW)
Frequency Response: 10 Hz ~40KHz
Rated Input: 10mW (up to 50mW)
Output Sound Pressure Level: 98dB(@1KHz / 1mW)
Weight: Approx. 13 g (excluding earphone cable)
Pin: MMCX Female
L/R “KO”: Left / “JO”: Right

Internal Conductors: PC-Triple C
Intervention Thread: Silk thread
Sheath: Fluorine resin
Length: 1.2m
Pin: MMCX male (blue: left / red: right) φ3.5 stereo plug ※Both
gold plated

Ear tips
Material: Shape memory material + heat resistant sweat resistant protective film coat
Manufacturer: Crystalline Audio
Model Number: CT02
Size: M/S M/M M/L × 1 pair each

Other accessories
Accessory: Manual / Warranty ×1
Silicone Ear Tips S/M/L × 1 Pair Each
Genuine Leather Cable Clamp ×1


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