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Product Introduction:
While smartphones make music listening on-the-go convenient, the sound quality is limited by the low voltage output of the built-in amplifier. Most headphone amplifiers are designed for males, bulky and expensive. The Kojo KM02-PAMP is a portable amplifier that is specially designed for ladies.

> Light and Compact
The Kojo KM02-PAMP is similar in weight and size to a lip-stick enabling it to be carried around easily.

> Bass Boost
The Kojo KM02-PAMP boosts the bass frequencies to enhance the richness in the mids and bass. This is especially useful when listening to music on noisy trains.

> Optimised for Smartphones
The Kojo KM02-PAMP is optimised for use with smartphones. It sports a champagne gold body to match the design of your phone, It is also compatible with the remote control function of the phone. Lastly, the in-built lithium battery helps to conserve the phone battery.

> Scratch-Proof
The Kojo KM02-PAMP body is made of metal to block the negative effects of external EM interference. It is also anodised to smoothen the surface and protect against scratches.

Product Specification:
Recommended Load Impedance: 16~300 ohms
Frequency Response: 10Hz~100kHz(bass boost +5dB)
Rated Output: 50mW + 50mW(32 ohms load)
SNR: 100dB(A weight); Distortion rate <0.01% (25mW)
Lithium Battery Playback Time: 10 hours or more(depending on usage)
Charging Time: 1.5-2hrs
Accessories: 4-pole terminal plug cable(150mm), microUSB charging cable(230mm)
Weight: 17g
Size: 60mm x 20mm
Body Colour: Champagne Gold


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Kojo Technology KM02-PAMP portable headphone amplifier