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2m – $480
3m, 5m also available
Awarded “VGP (Visual Grand Prix) 2010 SUMMER”

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Video Comparison of Kojo KS-9 With Other Kojo Power Cords

Product Introduction
The Kojo KS-9 Clotho is a reference-level power cord recommended for music lovers. It uses high-quality Furutech FI-11 (G) and FI-11M (G) plugs and connectors. It is the most balanced of the Kojo KS-range of power cords, imparting music with a good balance of attack, bass and soundstage.

Product Specifications:
Rating: 15A 125V
Cable: HVCTF 3×2SQ
Outlet Plug: FI-11M-N1(G) FURUTECH
Inlet Plug: FI-11-N1(G) FURUTECH


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Kojo Technology KS-9 Clotho Power Cord