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Product Introduction:
The Divini PT-8 is an entry-level power cord with all the elements of a good power cord.

> High Quality and Quantity Conductor
The Divini PT-8 conductor is made of high-purity 99.999% LC-OFC with cross section of 2.5 sqmm for both live and neutral wires. It can handle more than 30A of current and is capable of delivering power to most audio equipment.

> High Quality PE Conductor Sheath
The Divini PT-8 conductor sheath is made of high quality PE to ensure air tightness of the conductor, thus preventing conductor oxidation which affects entry-level power cords using the more common and lower air tightness PVC sheath. Conductor oxidation increases the resistance of the cable leading to high conduction temperatures.

> Double Shielding
The Divini PT-8 uses double shielding commonly found in high-end power cords to isolate >99% of high-frequency noise and preserve the original signal.

Product Specifications:
Cable Type: High Current Power Cable
Conductor Material: 99.999% LC-OFC
Wire Diameter: 2.5mm sq*2 + 2.7 mm sq*1
Shield Type: Double Shielding(Aluminum foil+OFC Braid)
Outer Diameter: 14 mm


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Divini Audio PT-8 Audio Grade Power Cable