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Product Introduction:
“This is Torihada”

The Kojo KS-707H is a high-end power cord. It uses SAEC’s AC-7000(PC-TripleC) as the main cable, which surpasses the performance of its predecessor, the KS-903(PCOCC-A). It also uses Kojo’s original KP01(5μ Gold+ 0.2μ Palladium) for the outlet plug, and Furutech FI-11-N1(R) for the inlet plug. It also features 3M outer layer to provide excellent shielding and grounding from noise. The fusion of these carefully selected parts groups provides a sound signature boasting several characteristics in balance:
– Open, Expansive, Dense and Dynamic
– Cool yet Present, Real Texture
– Supple and Smooth While Holding a Skeleton

Product Specifications:
Rating: 15A 125V
Cable: AC-7000 PC-TripleC(SAEC)
5.5Sq 68 pieces×0.32φ 3 core structure
Outer Diameter: 15φ
Outlet Plug: KP01(Kojo Technology)
Inlet Plug: FI-11-N1(R)(Furutech)


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Kojo Technology KS-707H (Perseus) Power Cord