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Product Introduction:
The Divini DCA-12 is an excellent coaxial cable for your mid-range and high-end audio system.

Each cable is constructed from seven 0.5mm-diameter LC-OFC copper cores with thick 2um(80uin) silver plating, providing excellent transmission of digital signals especially high frequencies.

Each cable also features three layers of shielding: Aluminium foil shielding, 95% silver-plating OFC shielding and copper foil shielding, providing excellent isolation against EM interference. The outer sheath features an elastic dual-PVC layer material and elastic braided material layer to effectively mitigate the effects of external vibrations.

Lastly, the Divini DCA-12 connection end is specially designed in-house. The conductor material is copper with thick silver plating to provide excellent high-frequency signal transmission. The stainless steel and wooden cover is non-magnetic and protects against resonance effects. The connector part is infused with isolation gel and copper foil to completely isolate the central conductor from the effects of EM interference.

Sound Signature:
a. Smooth and balanced frequency response
b. Excellent retrieval of details, overtones and air
c. Excellent instrument textures, imaging, sense of weight, dense vocals

Product Specifications:
Length: 1m
Cable Type: Digital Coaxial Cable
Conductor Material: Silver-plated 5N LC-OFC
Wire Diameter: 1.35sq
Structure: Coaxial Shielding Structure
Shield: Triple Shield


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Divini Audio DCA-12 Silver Plated Coaxial Digital Cable