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“Three Years To Enlightenment”
The flagship Logos USB cable is the result of Divini’s relentless pursuit of perfect music streaming and suitable for audiophiles uncompromising in their attitude towards music.

> History
Divini released its first USB cable, the UM-2, in 2010 when music streaming was emerging. Divini then designed the UM-3 from the foundations of UM-2 to meet the requirements of high-resolution audio. In recent years, propelled by the development of high-end DACs and music streamers, various audio manufacturers started introducing their own range of audiophile USB cables featuring better conductor materials, insulation, shielding etc. However, none of them could resolve the most critical issue affecting music quality – the USB connector, until Divini did in 2017 with the Logos USB cable.

USB connector contacts for computer devices are typically made of mass-produced industrial-grade brass or bronze. While high-end audio manufacturers plate them with precious metals such as gold, silver and palladium to improve the music quality, the improvement is limited as the base contact material remains unchanged(bronze/brass has an electrical conductivity of less than 50%). This flaw introduces a major degradation to the transmission of digital signals which are of small magnitude and high frequency.

Divini initially sought the help of OEMs to produce USB connectors with contacts made of high-purity materials but was unsuccessful. Instead of accepting the status quo and following the other audio companies by optimizing the design based on available materials, Divini stuck to its ideals and began a three-year research to produce the ultimate USB cable. The result is the Logos.

> World’s First Pure-Silver USB Connector
Divini achieved a world’s first by designing the Logos to utilise pure silver contact material to achieve ultra-low-loss digital signal transmission. The Logos connector also features a custom-designed Teflon support structure with high dielectric properties and internal resistance which effectively suppresses contact vibration and improves contact pressure, thereby minimising contact resistance variations and maximising signal stability. It also features a dual material protective shell made of CNC-titanium-plated copper and sandalwood. The copper material effectively shields against EM interference and prevents damage to the contact due to repeated plugging and unplugging while the purple sandalwood effectively dissipates and reduces resonance.

> OCS Silver Conductor
The Logos conductor is made of OCS silver(not normal silver), a material with the highest conductivity, thus minimising signal loss. Its signal and power cores are also physically separated and isolated by superior double-shielding(copper foil isolation layer and pure copper plated with thick silver isolation layer) to protect against EM interference.

Every component of the Divini Logos has been specially designed to minimise signal loss and external interference to give you the best music experience.

Product Specifications:
Cable Type: USB Cable
Conductor Material: OCS Pure Silver
Contact Material: Pure Silver
Outer Diameter: 6*16 mm
Structure: 2+2 Independent Structure(Signal and Power)
Shield Type: Double Shielding(Copper Foil+Silver-Plated Copper Braid)


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Divini Audio Logos Pure Silver USB Cable