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1.2m US plug – $650
1.2m UK plug – $700
1.8m US plug – $800
1.8m UK plug – $850

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The Divini PT-Y is a high-end audiophile power cord designed to bring out the best in your audio system.

> Cable Construction
The Divini PT-Y is composed of a 4-core live wire and 4-core neutral wire: 2×0.2mm OCC and 2×0.1mm OCC each; and a single-core 0.2mm OCC earth wire. It features superior multi-layer shielding of thick copper foil and 0.1mm OCC isolation. The cross sections of the live and neutral wires are 3.85sqmm while that of the earth wire is 4.0sqmm. Its low electrical resistance ensures rapid and ample current drive while the large earth wire surface area ensures stable voltages.

> Connector
The Divini PT-Y connector is made of gold-plated pure copper which ensures high elasticity and high conductivity. The custom-designed chromium-plated copper and maple housing greatly reduces the effects of EMI and vibration.

> Sound signature
The Divini PT-Y exhibits excellent spatial details, deep and stable soundstage. With solid imaging and excellent dynamics, you can feel the body and meat of each instrument. It excels over all frequencies: deep and clear bass, mesmeric mids, and high frequency extension. OCC copper imparts realism to the music.

Product Specifications:
Cable Type: High End Power Cable
Conductor Material: 99.99999% OCC
Wire Diameter: 3.85mm sq*2 + 4.0 mm sq*1
Shield Type: Double Shielding (Copper foil + OFC Braid)
Outer Diameter: 19 mm
Connector Material: Rose Copper


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Divini Audio 7N OCC PT-Y Power Cord